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Laura Louise Gilbert

Founder & MD of S-Tech Gyms Ltd

Laura has always had an entrepreneurial background and spent her 20’s building a global business within a highly competitive market which she decided to sell in 2012.

She spent the next year travelling, trialling new ideas and learning about communication in different cultures to expand her personal skills. Coming back to the UK in 2014 Laura was unsure about the next steps but made a personal choice to begin a career in the fitness industry as training, fitness and health have always been close to her heart. She built up a substantial knowledge base in body building, fitness, health, nutrition and life coaching as well as learning what it takes to succeed on a physical and mental level whether it is testing yourself in the gym or out in the business world.

Whilst living and working as a Personal Trainer in the City of London Laura became frustrated by the lack of accessible equipment that tailored to her client’s goals and needs as well as her own. It was in this time that she began to conceptualise the designs for innovative new fitness and strength equipment that was (and still is) no where to be found in the global market. Laura has spent the last 2 years working on bringing her designs and concepts to life, building relationships and finding the right companies to work with. It has not been a smooth road but what entrepreneurial journey is..?!

S-Tech Gyms

Very excited to announce that S-Tech Gyms are now in partnership with Coventry University who have been instrumental in getting my new product built. It will be a dream come true to see it finally out of the prototype stage and on sale, being used and enjoyed by people all over the UK… and one day the world!

– Laura Louise Gilbert

S-Tech are innovating the fitness industry striving to enhance strength training equipment, maximising results for the user and proving creative unique, cost effective and space saving solutions to gym owners and personal training studios. In a predominately male industry of design and engineering we aim to close that gap with our flag ship product conceptualised by women, inspired by women and project managed by women. Be strong, feel confident and train smart with S-Tech Gyms Fitness Equipment.