JT Foxx – Dreams to Visions to Reality

//JT Foxx – Dreams to Visions to Reality

JT Foxx – Dreams to Visions to Reality


Everyone Has A Sad Story:

JT Foxx reminds you of that when he explains what not to do as a speaker. He hits the message home pretty hard and I guess some might feel a little sensitive about that but it’s necessary. He does a damn good job of grounding people and putting some perspective on things. In the end we all have our stories, our ‘sad story’ but that’s not what really matters. It’s what you do because of it and in spite of it that really counts.

People who thrive in spite of the odds, like JT Fox **The Millionaire Underdog** did, that’s the goal..

Only last October life was looking pretty bleak. In-fact that’s putting it lightly, I had suffered a breakdown and was verging on suicidal. So, let’s say things had definitely felt better.

A big turn around, however, was to ensue and much of that I have JT Foxx and his team to thank for.

Earlier in February, after some less than ideal circumstances, I got on a war path to get my voice out there to spread an important message.

I wanted people with anxiety and/or depression to know that they can be free of it and that they are experiencing symptoms of cumulative stress (Chronic stress) rather than being afflicted with an “illness” that they cannot do anything about.

In the majority of cases it is our environments; the people, the places, the jobs etc. that can cause the repressive and incapacitating symptoms that are experienced with these mental wellness issues.  There is nothing “wrong” with the people that go through these things, they are not “weird”, they are not “broken”, they can actualize their potential. They just need to be shown, to understand where the symptoms come from, how to change their intrinsic and extrinsic environments and make the changes necessary to be able to live fully again.

I wanted to speak out about this and to help people become free of their perceived prisons and to live fuller, happier, healthier and wealthier lives.

First JT Foxx Event:

So, when an advert popped up on Facebook about an event called “Mega Speaker” – we don’t just coach speakers we create them. I was there.

I have a difficult relationship with public speaking, my conscious mind is fine and totally wants to embrace the experience but my body (thus subconscious mind) is constantly trying to screw me over – panic attack style symptoms – but I knew I had to get passed this if I was to be able to actualize my own goals and where better to go for this than an event that “created speakers”.

So, it was game-on time.

I had attended a couple of unrelated events before, claiming to be able to change lives etc but not many. Mostly because I don’t like being sold to and I think it’s all just sales hype and BS. I know, cynical hey but i’m possibly the most positive, smiley cynics you’ll ever meet – a mix of idealism and pragmatism, which creates interesting debates between me, myself and I haha.

So, here I was at this event in London, quietly cynical and skeptical but ready to listen and learn about what it would take to become a Mega Speaker.

I had never heard of JT Foxx till the moment he was announced – which created a lot of energy in the room. I kept thinking to myself “hmm, who is this bloke” – I was just there to learn, not to be dazzled ha! JT made his way to the front of the room with a calm authority, there was something about him that was captivating for sure.

But of-course I was still reserved, I was still waiting for the sleazy ‘we think you’re all idiots’ annoying pitch.

I listened and watched intently and was quickly won over by his resolute and somewhat brutal honesty, zero bravado, zero ‘fluff’ or BS – which I found and continue to find wonderfully refreshing!

He wasn’t “trying” to sell to me and he was talking my language so I allowed myself to settle, listen and absorb.

I had no idea there was going to be so much knowledge, wisdom and practical advice being delivered and I had my phone out taking notes ALL day long. It was content, content, content; all inspiring, all relatable, all relevant and all things that fired me up. I felt the real me coming to the surface again, my mind buzzing and full of ideas.

Of-course there was a service being sold. I mean duh it was a free event, there has to be a trade of for economic viability, that’s just plain logic.  I wasn’t bothered, I liked and valued the content, the delivery was great so of-course I didn’t mind hearing about the services the JT Foxx Organization offer.

A Thought on Sales:

When you have an issue, a dilemma, a problem etc. then you tend to purchase a service that will alleviate it.

An exchange of goods or service = You make a purchase + The vendor makes a sale. Standard right, I mean, that’s how you bought your TV, your phone, your house. So, I am baffled by how some people find attending an event that delivers you invaluable content and offering you a service to solve your problems can be seen as negative or a scam etc.

Which leads me to think again about the importance of your social environment. The wrong people will hold you back and pull you down, the right people will propel you forwards and lift you up. JT Foxx and his team are the latter and they and their #familyfirst network are some of the very best people I have had the privilege to be around.

JT Foxx Provides Solutions:

I had a problem, i connected with the evidence and my gut feeling that this guy had solutions for that problem.

So, JT addressed the room, an opportunity was given and an offer was made.

Logical analysis: I have a problem and JT Foxx has a solution, would i like the solution? – damn right I would!

I love to learn and was learning so much at this event I wanted to make sure I could continue once it had ended so I bought an audio package, attendance to the Mega Success Event in California (formally known as Family Reunion III), life time attendance at his two day events and membership to the Intelligent Millionaires Network – an awesome network of successful, inspiring entrepreneurs and business people – founded by JT.

The JT Foxx Organization:

JT Foxx says “it takes one deal, one person to change your life” and “your network is your net-worth”  

JT uses certain phrases like these quite often and he says them with unwavering conviction. I can now see why. The first time I heard these words I of-course understood them but didn’t fully appreciate the meaning, now I do. Everything JT Foxx says and does has meaning, purpose and relevance and after having taken everything I have heard and learned on board I can say that his authenticity, passion and drive has been not only an inspiration but a platform of which to position my own accelerated growth.

What JT says is so right and I know he knows he’s right because “results don’t lie” and he’s got results for himself and others that the majority of the world will never experience because they don’t take the actions needed to succeed.

The people who do go all in on themselves and who are part of the #JTFoxxFamily are, as he describes, “the top 1%”.

You could describe that as elitism but I totally get the evaluation and it’s all positive. I get the meaning and value behind it because since I have surrounded myself with people who are part of JT’s family I have seen how special they are. They have big goals, big dreams, big visions and they are taking big actions to achieve their goals and to give back and be of value themselves.

JT talks about value a lot and it seems to be something he strongly stands by; he, his organization and his clients – always give value, “under sell and over deliver”.

Every JT Foxx event I have attended has done this, give value and content that has changed me and my life in a positive way. They don’t do it in a ‘fancy’ way but rather in a strip back the bullshit, this information will change you and your life forever, if you let it, way.   

*that said, the previous **Family Reunion / Mega Success Events** look out of this world, another level of EPIC and the next one, which I am going to (thrilled and can’t wait!!!), has a line up, schedule and guest list that blows every event I’ve ever seen or heard of not just out of the water but out of the solar system, hell, maybe even galaxy – I’ll let you know 😉

Every event run by the JT Foxx Organization is full on and jam packed with valuable content, real life changing content that gives you the knowledge, the upper hand, the insight, the practical steps to make huge changes in your life – all you have to do is be there, listen, learn and implement.

JT says he is “powered by your success”. He takes people who have dreams and turns those dreams into visions, which become reality. I don’t just ‘believe’ this, I know it. I have seen and felt it.

How JT Foxx Helped Me Get Out of My Own Way:

“speed of implementation”

This is something i hear ringing in my ear often, JT hammers it home.

I am a perfectionist at heart and like many people a little scared of failure and rejection – that’s all perfectionism is really, a fear of not being good enough, being judged and rejected. So, people over compensate.

I do like everything to look right, feel right, be right before I action something and in times gone by i have slowed myself down so much I’ve been practically reversing!

I would have an idea and begin pursuit but then discover “I didn’t know enough” or “didn’t have enough x,y,z” to do the thing i wanted to do or take it as far as I wanted to – which just by listening, JT has taught me this is complete bullshit. I have achieved some cool stuff in my life but I have also been dramatically getting in my own way but not anymore.

How he describes the process of getting out of your own way and how to just take action has been of huge value to me.

It has meant that i have actually “jumped out of the plane”. I have bulldozed my way out of many comfort zones and continued to test myself and improve. I thank meeting JT Foxx and his team of extraordinary coaches for that.

To think my world has been set on fire because of the positive environment that the JT Foxx Organization creates and I haven’t even attended one of their Dream Team or Personalized Coaching Events yet is mind blowing! This is the next step for me and it will be a growth opportunity I intend to fully absorb.

I have attended and participated in 7 events now and that alone has given me the energy and fire to helped me to create a path towards a life that is in keeping with my values, beliefs, goals and aspirations.

What I Am Doing Now:

I have just launched a new business **www.lessstressmoresuccess.org** and one of the members of my team I found through the JT Foxx networks. She is from South Africa but we met in London at a JT Foxx event, continued to follow up with one another and then partnered.  

I have another new project under development – designing and developing a new range of fitness equipment.

I have been interviewed, pitched and partnered with because of the actions i have taken influenced by JT Foxx.

I began living again, the way i am meant to. Living with fire and passion.

JT Foxx is well known as a Serial Entrepreneur, Real Estate Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and one of the Top Wealth Coaches and Speakers in the World #JTFoxxNo1WealthCoach.   

He is all of those things but to me, mostly JT Foxx is first and foremost an inspiration.

What he has done for himself, what he has done for countless other entrepreneurs, business people, charities and what he continues to do with relentless passion and veracity is beyond anything I have ever encountered before and maybe never will again.

If I had never attended that one event, that free event that I could have so easily have passed up on, I really don’t believe I would be where I am now.

I don’t use words like this very often but I feel truly blessed to have met JT and to be surrounded by some of the best people I have ever met because of what he has created.

Life is exciting and I’m loving every minute, thank you JT Foxx.

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  1. Eric July 8, 2017 at 2:39 am - Reply

    Great Post Laura!

    Congratulations on your growth and momentum, keep it up!

    Good coaches inspire others, but Great coaches (JT Foxx) inspire action!

    We look forward to seeing you in November!

    Here is a link to my blog where I review some of the valuable Branding nuggets I’ve learned from JT Foxx Mega Speaker:


    • Laura Louis July 9, 2017 at 7:04 am - Reply

      Thank you Eric! JT Foxx totally transformed my opinions on branding, which your blog is a fantastic summary and reminder of. Thanks for sharing and see you in November!

  2. Helen Gutten July 8, 2017 at 2:43 am - Reply

    Wow I am so inspired by your JT Foxx Mega Speaker Review. If you can do it I know we can all do it. Thank yo for being such an inspiration. Everyone should attend a http://www.MegaSpeaker.com

    • Laura Louis July 9, 2017 at 7:05 am - Reply

      Thank you Helen and yes I agree they should! Total game changers!

  3. Michelle Ciantar July 8, 2017 at 4:03 am - Reply

    Outstanding blog Laura. Thank you for writing it 🙂

    • Laura Louis July 9, 2017 at 7:06 am - Reply

      Thank you for reading Michelle

  4. Shadeska Nicolina July 9, 2017 at 3:50 pm - Reply

    Great post Laura! It takes for sure one deal, one oppportunity and one person to change your life forever! All the best with your business Less Stress and More Results!

    Enjoy reading my experience with JT Foxx and his amazing Organization: http://needpassiveincome.com/what-makes-jt-foxx-special/

  5. susanne bateman July 9, 2017 at 6:00 pm - Reply

    Great blog Laura. Thank you for posting it. Here you find out how my acquaintance was with JT http://susannebateman.com/jt-foxx/

  6. Francois Joubert July 15, 2017 at 5:07 am - Reply

    Love your post, keep inspiring. #BeExceptional

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