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Coach & Mentor

Laura has a wealth of knowledge in psychology, sociology, health and fitness and is always striving for self-development in these areas. She has lead an unorthodox life and values the experience and insight it has taught her. She is always willing to share and pass this on as guidance.

“I enjoy giving back and helping others to achieve their goals, improve their mindset and health.”

As she invests so much of her energy into it, as a coach Laura will only take on a handful of one to one coaching clients at a time due to her commitments in her other businesses. If you would like to know more about Laura’s coaching options please contact her directly or follow the steps on the ‘VIP COACHING’ page.


Founder & CEO

Founder and CEO of Less Stress More Success Ltd. an innovative new coaching organisation that helps coach, support & guide people towards living healthier, wealthier and happier lives.

“This is a very exciting project for me and I am proud to have developed an amazing, ever expanding, team of dedicated professionals to support and deliver the content to our members.

This program offers people access to high end coaching for any budget. Providing content to help members maximise their potential by reducing stress and ultimately creating more success for themselves in all aspects of their lives from health, relationships, wealth and happiness – whereby happiness is the inevitable bi-product.

“It’s hard to define what happiness and success are for people as we are all so individual, with our individual needs, hopes, dreams and desires but we have constructed an interactive resource that covers the 5 key areas that effect everyone’s lives and focused on providing tips, tools, insights, motivation and personalised solutions for all.”

The vision for this service is to provide valuable, affordable, relevant information that will positively influence peoples’ lives on a global scale.

“Too many people are unhappy, unhealthy and not earning their worth – my team and I are determined to change that.”

There is a community spirit and positive vibe within this service that breeds success.

Take action and reap the rewards.


Product Development

Laura has used her experience in the fitness industry to design and innovate upon resistance equipment and will shortly be bringing some exciting new products to the market for domestic and commercial use.

“After becoming fed up turning myself inside out and upside-down trying to find the right ways to train my body for my goals I became inspired to sit down and rethink some of the equipment that is currently on the market and how to create new innovation to support progressive training, with women in mind.”

The equipment is all; dual purpose, adjustable, detachable, specific to lower body and core training goals.

“I am super excited about bringing these products to market and can’t wait to join up with the right investors to bring it to life and give people what they need to get them the results they desire.”

If you are intrigued and want to either discover your investment or product purchase options please contact Laura directly and she will be happy to talk you through what is on offer.



As a multi-national buyer and seller Laura was keen to find out more about trends in the financial sectors and the growth and development in the Crypto Currency markets raised Laura’s interest. Having not known much more than “the word on the street” Laura decided to investigate further and see if there was merit to making an investment. She travelled to Europe for meetings and after researching and networking with the right people Laura decided to invest in a fast growth crypto currency.

“Seeing possible future trends and development patterns is something every entrepreneur should be looking out for and getting in tune to.”

“If the concept is good enough for Richard Branson, it’s good enough for me *laughs*”


“If Your Dreams Don’t Scare You They Are Too Small” – Sir Richard Branson