So over rated right and only lazy non successful people sleep more than 6 hours a night.. right.

Well, Arnie said so, so must be true!

Hmm…or is it??

Some can ‘survive’ on 4-6 hours regularly and still kick life’s ass

I take my hat off to these people :v:

But for mere mortals like myself i genuinely need to sleep 8 hours and well else i’m in bits.

Like i’m basically useless and may as well be put out to pasture (horsey person’s joke).

If, however, i’m not completely useless.. physically or mentally (like i do the head down and crack on thing), then emotionally i’ll be in a state that will either:

..absolutely rip you to pieces – like without mercy 😀

..or be mopy and maybe have a cry :sweat_smile:

So really not a fun person to be around at all lol


Does anyone know what i mean here??

Like you’re just not you.

It’s kinda like being ambushed by all the crap stuff with a totally unprepared squadron – shots were fired and hits were taken.. :boom::gun:

Lack of focus, negative self talk, lack of motivation, laziness, doubts, worries etc etc etc.. standard bullshit that doesn’t belong.


I function like my true happy, balanced, fabulous self….

self when i get my rest and that’s 10:30/11pm – 6:30/7am …so basically 8 hours.

I don’t need an alarm, wake up and get up, feel rested with good energy; happy, bubbly and bouncy :hugging_face:

For some reason (could be dietary :thinking_face:) the last 2 nights i have struggled a bit getting to sleep.

It’s been gone midnight and then both days i’ve woken up at around 4:30am

Now for me, that isn’t good.

Yesterday i was flat and today i have felt shitty..

Ok, so i feel like shit but it’s not because of anything that has happened or not happened – those may have been direct triggers today but not the actual cause.

The cause is simply that i’m tired.

That’s the real trigger.


If you feel like you’re reacting differently or out of proportion to situations or like your mood is just low and you feel flat, remember it might just be that you’re tired..

It sounds so basic and a little like what your parents would tell you as a kid – so kinda condescending :smirk:

But annoyingly your parents were on to something here haha

The good news is that that means the things you think are wrong, may not be wrong at all. Its just you’re knackered so your coping and functioning abilities are diminshed.

There are times when we can out play tiredness and just keep going like a machine :muscle:
…those times are often when we are so highly charged with stress hormones..

*”stress hormones” aren’t a bad thing, we need them, they’re great, but like most things they have a time and a place*

..that it’s like being on jet fuel, fun times and you’re knocking 16 plus hour days outta the park time and again.

Nb. You can influence that state with nutritional changes / meal sizes and timings bla bla too but that’s another topic/story.


If you wanna be balanced with energy and a good outlook on life and everything in it, then you definately need to look after your sleep.

I always try to give myself time to chill and wind down before i want to be asleep (if possible 2 hours minimum) so i can get my well needed beauty sleep :princess: lol

So basically, get your rest guys and the right amount for YOU, not the rest of the world.. YOU :v::heart:


If you’re wake sleep cycles are out of alignment then check and amend nutrition and stress levels.. nutrition WILL make a big impact here though and there are some minerals that will give your body and CNS (central nervous system) a chance to chill and


and help you rest.


I said at the start about “you can survive…” but personally i think there’s a trade off for everything soo i’m not sure this is something i’d be aiming for, but hey, each to their own and whatever works right :relaxed:

And on that note ha..

I have one more thing to get done and then it’s pyjamas and chill time for me and aiming to get back to my 8 hours again tonight :sleeping_accommodation::crescent_moon::v:

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